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Dr. Jillian Campbell, DC

Live at your peak with personalized treatment

Dr.  Jillian Campbell, DC MSACN

Dr. Campbell has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle. When a mountain biking accident left

her with chronic pain that hindered her ability to stay active, she gained a firsthand appreciation

for the significance of chiropractic care as part of comprehensive pain treatment. She firmly

believes that remaining active, staying fit, and pursuing personal healthy lifestyle and fitness

goals are an invaluable part of maintaining life-long health.

She aims to use her chiropractic and nutrition education to develop individual care plans for

patients and to encourage them to become an active participant in their health management. Dr. Campbell continually works to maintain an active lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, manage stress, and make time for self-care.

Live at your Peak everyday

Meet Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell graduated from Northeast College

of Health Sciences with honors. She also completed her Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition while at NCHS. Before attending Chiropractic College, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduating from VCU, she commissioned in the United States Navy, where she served as a Cryptologic Warfare Officer in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Through most of her childhood and into young adulthood, Dr. Campbell played soccer and

performed ballet, tap, and jazz. While in the Navy and at NCHS, she continued to play soccer in

intramural leagues. Now she stays active walking, lifting weights, and chasing after two children.

Welcome Baby Reggie.41.jpg

Dr. Campbell has enjoyed traveling to several different countries with her husband. Now that

they have two amazing sons, she spends her time outside of the office playing games, reading

with her kids, and wondering how such small people can have so much energy. Dr. Campbell

learned how to ski after meeting her husband, an avid skier, and they plan to get their boys on

skis as soon as they can!

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