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Enjoy sports, hobbies, and an energetic life
Everyday Athlete: Services

Whether you're a serious athlete or a recreational player, you deserve to be healthy.

We give you the tools to live at your peak.

Chiropractic care connects you to your strongest self. Our expertise can help you heal from an injury, improve flexibility, and build strength so you can enjoy your passion, whether it's running marathons or playing pickup basketball.


We will listen to your goals and help you create a plan to achieve them so you can enjoy your favorite sports and activities.


Your dreams are personal. Let us help you achieve good health so that you can make them come true.


Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain

Acute pain happens from an injury. You might hurt yourself playing tennis or hiking a favorite trail. Depending on your injury and your schedule, you can work with us to heal and reduce pain caused by the injury.

Acute symptoms are usually relieved in 1-4 sessions.

Chronic pain builds in the body over time, often due to misalignment, untreated injuries, repetitive motions, or stress. We will work with you to determine possible reasons for your pain and help you create a plan to address it. Since chronic pain develops over time, it takes time to heal and build strength to prevent further injury.

Chronic pain will likely need more attention: problems that are created over time need time to fix.

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