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Office Worker: Services


Address and prevent pain caused by hours at a computer

Be productive without sacrificing your health.

Partner with us for pain-free life at home and work.

You're working long hours at varying home workstations and feeling drained. We can help adjust your spine and your space for improved health and productivity.

Spending hours focused on screens can leave you with pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and even the legs or feet. We can help you heal and avoid repetitive strain injuries with the right posture and guidance about healthy workstation setup and equipment.

Don't carry pain home from the office.

Live your peak life.


Do You Have Chronic Pain or Acute Pain?

Pain comes in two general forms: chronic and acute. Chronic pain builds in the body over time, often due to stress, untreated injuries, misalignment, or repetitive motions. We will work with you to determine possible reasons for your pain, help you create a plan to address it, and accompany you on your healing journey.

Chronic pain may require frequent sessions or a longer treatment period because problems that are created over time need more time to heal.

Acute pain usually comes from an injury. You might hurt yourself lifting a box or just wake up in pain after sleeping in a bad position. Depending on your injury and your schedule, you can work with us to heal and reduce pain caused by the injury.

Acute symptoms are usually relieved in 1-4 sessions.

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